2021 Chardonnay
Arroyo Seco, Monterey County, CA

2021 Chardonnay

Arroyo Seco, Monterey County, CA

 Information About Arroyo Seco AVA

Our 2020 Chardonnay from the esteemed Arroyo Seco region in California presents a harmonious blend of opulence and balance. Upon the first pour, the aromas of ripe golden apple, subtle vanilla, and a hint of citrus zest entice the senses. This Chardonnay unfolds with a luxurious and well-rounded palate, delivering layers of creamy texture and a delightful interplay of tropical fruits.

The crisp acidity maintains a refreshing character, inviting a perfect pairing with salads, chicken, or seafood dishes. The finish is velvety and satisfying, revealing a nuanced complexity enhanced by a gentle touch of oak and a lingering, citrus-infused freshness.

Beyond flavors, this bottle features a Rainbow Trout. Trout are an indicator species and play an important ecological role in the biodiversity of streams and rivers across America. These beautiful animals feed mostly on hatchlings and flies. To produce the amount of food they require, there must be nearby trees, grasses, and native natural habitats that grow beside sprawling freshwater streams, creeks, and rivers. Trout require cold, clean water, so some of our proceeds will be donated to wildlife advocacy programs that protect the environments trout need to flourish.






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