About Us


Excellent wine that makes a difference.

theoleo’s mission is to instill greater world value through the power of drinking and sharing wine. We support sustainable wildlife and nature conservation in North America through wine. We ultimately provide excellent wine that makes a difference.

For our company's founder and CEO, Charles Dick, appreciating the outdoors has been an everyday activity. Both he and Give Back Wine Group's co-founder and CFO, Jonathan Campbell, were raised to understand the importance of managing and conserving wildlife. From climbing trees, catching fish, tracking deer, to sharing stories around campfires, they have found that the outdoors provided personal growth and therapy. Our theoleo brand was made for those who have an appreciation for the same experiences and want to preserve these opportunities for generations to come. Please join us in supporting the American Wildlife Conservation Partners, where a percentage of our proceeds are donated.

Our wines are vinted and bottled by our parent company, Give Back Wine Group. As a collective, we are dedicated to our wine, the conservation of North American Wildlife, and our community.

Support our pheasant!

Support our bear!

Support our trout!

Support our oyster!

We thank you for choosing theoleo. 

Give Back. Drink Wine. 


Our Values

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