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Give Back Wine Group

Instilling greater world value through the power of drinking, sharing, and enjoying wine.

Wine That
Gives Back

theoleo’s mission is to support wildlife conservation through high quality wine. We provide wine that tastes exquisite and makes a difference to animals and their ecosystems.

We bring forward wines from prestigious growing regions within California. Our parent company, Give Back Wine Group, vints and bottles the wine utilizing a state-of-the-art facility, top-of-the-line barrel storage, and more than 20 years of wine making experience.  

Each label features a different animal, highlighting the diversity of the ecosystems we are supporting. We appreciate your support, but the animals and ecosystems appreciate it even more!


Give Back Wine Group

There are two promises inside of every bottle from Give Back Wine Group;

Exceptional Wine & Support for a Great Cause Dear to our Hearts.

Each brand produced by Give Back Wine Group supports a cause that has made a tremendous impact on our lives and the lives of millions of other Americans. Our goal is to preserve the beautiful parts of our world, while advocating for the change we need to rebuild what has been lost. A portion of all proceeds from theoleo is given back to wildlife advocacy programs - protecting and conserving animals and their natural habitats across North America.


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About theoleo

theoleo is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold, two American conservationists who were ahead of their time and began one of the most significant American movements. theoleo represents a mutual love and admiration for the wine industry and the great outdoors. Give Back Wine Group is thrilled to present to you an opportunity to drink magnificent wines, where a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the American Wildlife Conservation Partners.

For as much as the land gives us, theoleo is our way to Give Back to the outdoors through wildlife conservation! As we like to say: “Give Back, Drink Wine!”